Online Headline Hell

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

When I saw the headline “Star Wars Celebration flees Orlando for California” at, I thought “what could we possibly have done to strike fear into the hearts of stormtroopers?”

But then I read the story, and realized that those pesky headline writers were at it again … capturing a few clicks at the expense of the reader.  The trade show for all things Star Wars wasn’t running away in fear—note to headline writer:  the definition of “flee” is “to run away, as from danger or pursuers; take flight.”

Its corporate owner, Disney’s Lucasfilm, was simply moving the fan event (which will be known as Stars Wars Celebration VII) to Anaheim to coincide with the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode VII.

Said the LucasFilm news release:  “Star Wars Celebrations are official conventions organized by Lucasfilm Ltd. and ReedPOP group, multi-day events held in different locales around the world for Star Wars fans to celebrate.”

As Yoda might say, flee not, move around they do.

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