Mashable’s Not Lovin’ It

Dan Wardby Dan Ward

Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman is correct.  The video released Monday by McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook – discussing his growth plans for the company – is “passionless.”

But Fiegerman is off base in attributing this lack of passion to Easterbook’s “even, careful speech” and bland gestures.  I found Easterbrook to be passionate and engaging.

The problem isn’t Easterbrook; it’s the setting and length of the video.  Steve Jobs would have appeared boring and passionless if he spoke for 23 minutes in a dimly lit, empty hallway.

If you’re using a visual medium, make it visual, and by all means make it brief.  Watching even an engaging CEO slog through a 20-page script is the equivalent of eating cold fries.

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