Make ‘Em Work for It

by Julie Primrose

Domino’s Pizza is currently promoting its line of Artisan Pizza and giving Facebook fans a free pizza for simply liking their page and being one of the first people to visit each day.

The purpose of Facebook contests and giveaways is not only to gain new fans, but to also encourage their engagement during and after the promotion.

In my opinion, this campaign would be more successful if Domino’s had required its fans to somehow interact with the page, perhaps by submitting a photo of them enjoying Domino’s pizza or writing why they deserve a pizza.  Make them work for their “free” pizza a bit.  This would require fans to do more than just click the “Like” button and collect their prize, never to be heard from again.

Domino’s is only giving away a limited number of pizzas each day, which does encourage repeat visits, but I was able to check the status of the daily pizza giveaway without liking the page or even leaving the landing tab for the contest.

Domino’s has run some unique campaigns on Facebook in the past, but this one just seems like a missed opportunity.

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