Katie Couric’s Smile Brings Beauty to Iraq

by Vianka McConville

In a rather peculiar public relations campaign, the Electricity Ministry in Baghdad lifted an online image of Katie Couric and created billboards advertising televised daily news bulletins about electricity.  The article explains electricity is a luxury for most citizens due to constant outages.  While officials work to remedy the problem, they also sought to present “a bright and optimistic face that inspires the people to imagine a better future for electricity.”  Citizens seem to agree with their choice.

Through a western lens, the move is so out-of-place that Katie herself is not bothered by the ads and notes in the article she does not have intentions for legal action.  The runner-up for the billboards was former news anchorwoman, Laurie Dhue—who is flattered by the consideration.

The idea was definitely a risk by the Electricity Ministry, but the cards seem to be falling in their favor due to unique circumstances.

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