Journalism 101

by Vianka McConville

How do you reach a journalist who won’t answer the phone or respond to email?

My strategy was to seek advice from another journalist.  I recently attended the Florida Public Relations Association and Public Relations Society of America media roundtable, an event that brought together journalists, editors and bloggers to answer questions from curious PR practitioners.

I learned that one editor believes print will cease to exist in my millennial generation; video is the new buzz word in newsrooms; and, I need to step up my game with bloggers.

These events are invaluable when building coveted relationships with media.  Face-to-face conversations still beat email and the obstacles to get to that point are growing.  (Some journalists have to write six online stories per day!)  It’s not easy on either side of the news release and the annual media roundtable helps to answer why in a quickly changing field.

As for my question, the answer is to keep communication short and sweet, and be persistent without being annoying.  Great.

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