In Support of the Gatekeeper

by Kim Taylor

You may not know it, but every organization has a gatekeeper. You might call him or her different things … receptionist, secretary, etc.  Ours is an administrative specialist.  I lovingly refer to her as my PIC, partner in crime.  One “crime” she fights regularly is warding off countless sales people and cold calls.  I was reminded yesterday afternoon by a very nice sales person who’d apparently been trying to get in to see me for months.  She made the decision to finally let him past the gate.

This might sound like a small detail, but in our world, we sell our time and it’s impossible to sell it to others if it’s constantly taken by those trying to sell you something you’re not ready to buy.

If you’re selling and you’re not getting past the gate, there’s probably a reason.  Next time work on your strategy for the keeper.

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