I’m Taking the Five Steps with Me

Escobar Kacieby Kacie Escobar

Last Saturday, Florida Supreme Court Justice James C. Perry bestowed the advice to live with integrity, courage and focus upon the UCF College of Sciences’ Class of 2013.  Coming from a distinguished judge who had experienced and conquered segregation in the judicial system, the speech was inspiring.  There was no doubt that these principles directed his professional journey.

As a graduate and audience member, I wondered how this could apply to a career in public relations.  What I realized was that these principles are already woven throughout the philosophy at Curley & Pynn.  The Five Steps to Professional Success posted on every desk in the office preach the importance of acting with integrity toward each client, focusing on what keeps them awake at night and having the courage to be accountable or take a risk in anticipation.

While the Five Steps might sound like the kind of thing your dad says as you roll your eyes, it’s proven itself as a necessity for success time and time again.  There is significant value in sticking to your guns and remaining grounded in principles like Justice Perry’s, which I’ve had the chance to see firsthand.

During just five months as an intern at C&P, I witnessed the team earn awards and new business because of its firm roots in this philosophy.  Additionally, I believe it has helped shape me throughout the semester into the professional I am today.

I am thankful for the mentors I’ve befriended, the experience I gained and the strategy I learned while working with the C&P team.  Although my journey here has come to an end, I can confidently move forward knowing I have the Five Steps of Professional Success to call on out in the “real world” of public relations.

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