I Can’t Hear You …

Keroes Heatherby Heather Keroes

Applebee’s, why aren’t you listening to your customers?  A few days ago, an Applebee’s server posted a photo to Reddit of a signed receipt from a customer who gave her a special “tip.”  “I give God 10%, why do you get 18” … a tip from a pastor.


It started as a lighthearted joke when the server posted the receipt to Reddit.  But as the photo gained traction, the pastor reportedly reached out to Applebee’s to demand that she be fired, and so, the storm began.

There are now more negative Facebook posts and tweets than you can count from Applebee’s customers, many demanding that the server be given her job back.  No matter your stance, it’s boggling how Applebee’s appears blissfully unaware of the situation.  In response to and in between restaurant photos of shrimp dishes and chicken wings, their social media presence is weighed down by Internet hate.

Not all is good in the neighborhood!  I’m curious to see what Applebee’s may do next, if anything.

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