How Many Times?

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

I’ll bet you can relate to this photo.


How many times have you been really disappointed – or, for that matter, really pleased – but left an establishment wanting to let someone have a piece of your mind?  It happened to me twice over the weekend … one of each variety.

I’d already patted everyone on the back when I saw this phone on the wall at my auto dealer, but I thought “I wonder how many people ever pick up that phone to say ‘good job’?”

That phone couldn’t have cost them anywhere near what they save every time someone with an itch under their collar about bad service picks it up and feels better after having shared their concern.  So hats off to Mercedes-Benz of North Orlando and General Manager Walter Grundorf.

The next day at a Dillard’s store in Volusia Mall, I really longed for a phone that would let me share a really bad experience.  But in addition to nowhere near enough sales staff in sight (a common retail problem these days), there never appeared to be anyone in a management capacity.

So, rather than complain to the Dillard’s folks with a phone call, I think I’ll print this out and mail it.

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