What We Already Know

by Heather Keroes
“We’re understaffed.” “I don’t have time for press trips anymore.” “We only pick up wire stories.” “I’m on deadline for three sections of the paper.” Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. Today’s journalists are overworked as newsrooms grow smaller and digitize their content. PRWeek and Porter Novelli have just published a media content survey and here are some of their key findings, much of which confirms what we already know:

– 71 percent of traditional media have a heavier workload this year

– 56 percent of traditional media are expected to contribute to a social media page

– Social media has increased readership, viewership or listeners for 59 percent of media

– Most journalists judge the success of their work by increases in web traffic

Also of note, gone are the days of “the scoop.” The survey reports that only 42 percent of traditional media and 25 percent of online media believe it’s extremely important to report first on a topic. So much for “you heard it here first” competitiveness. Content equaling the most web clicks is king.

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