LinkedIn, Can You Spell “Assume”?

hkeroesby Heather Keroes

Hopefully we all know the adage about assuming too much and what that does to you and me … but I’m uncertain that LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team got the message.

LinkedIn offers a number of great marketing resources to help its users build profiles that lead to engagement and relationships. But today, while trying to access some of those materials, I kept coming up empty-handed, thwarted by dead links. At the bottom of one such page was a “contact” button, so I clicked it and sent a short note about the missing content (I also found a typo, but refrained from commenting on it). I guess LinkedIn missed my message, after I received the following canned response.


Perhaps I assumed too much in thinking that the contact button was for anything but marketing solutions requests, but it didn’t seem obvious at the time.  I thought a real person might read my email.  Silly me.  I know better now, but this is also a good reminder.  When you’re very close to a product or service it’s easy to connect A and B, but that may not be the case for your publics.  Always read your copy, whether for a website, brochure or a newsletter, with fresh eyes.  Have someone else review it, as well.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re not always speaking to ourselves.

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