Happy Fourth, Taking Aim!

by Kim Taylor

Maybe the fireworks will have to wait until our fifth anniversary, but today marks our fourth year blogging at Taking Aim.

When we began this journey four years ago, we hoped to enable our team as thought leaders—to give them a voice in the industry they’ve chosen for their careers.  Sometimes we get off topic, but we find our way back to issues of targeted communication, social media, things that inspire us creatively and topics vital to the success of public relations.

We’ve even been awarded by our peers with a Grand Image Award, Image Award and Judge’s Award.

And, although I’m most proud of the content our team has contributed, I’m pretty tickled by the stats, as well:

We’ve written 564 posts and received 545 comments.  More than 41,350 eyeballs have read the pages of Taking Aim, but this was the most-read post of all time (congrats, Heather!).  Most of you find our blog through Twitter and Facebook, and Taking Aim is still the No. 1 driver of traffic to our website.

Thanks to you, Mr. and Mrs. 41,350.  I hope you continue to read (and comment) for years to come.

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