Friday Finds | September 21, 2012

by Kim Taylor

Here are some goodies I found online this week:

The Temperature of Your Office Affects Employee Productivity – No really.  This Fast Company article tells the whole story, but apparently cold employees are uncomfortable and distracted costing employers 10 percent more per hour, per employee.  Yikes!

Twitter Profiles Are Starting to Look a Lot More like Facebook – Your profile page now has a Header Image in addition to the standard Avatar.  Sarah Evans shows you how to update your Twitter Header here.

Preparing For a Brainstorming Session and Need Some Creative Inspiration?  Look no Further than Google’s Creative Sandbox.

Murally Murally, is a new creative collaboration platform that’s being touted as “Pinterest for Pros.”  Give it a whirl for your next vision board or creative project.

Slickplan – The team at Slickplan made creating sitemaps for your next website a cinch.  Even better … you can create your first one for Free.

And, just for fun … Wednesday was International Talk like a Pirate Day, and even our Commander in Chief got in on the action.

Honorable Mention goes to the U.S. Navy for their Facebook Post, though.

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