Friday Finds | October 12, 2012

by Kim Taylor

Wendy’s Unveils First Logo Redesign in 30 Years – I definitely see a trend toward simplistic in big brand logo redesigns lately.  USA Today’s is probably the most notable shift.  Wendy’s updated logo is the company’s attempt to contemporize the brand.


Help with Voting or Clever Self-Promotion? Jordan Rich claims to be undecided about the presidential election, so he developed a campaign designed to let his Twitter followers decide for him.  After seeing that Jordan is also an “art director for hire,” I have my doubts that this is anything other than a thinly veiled promotional tool.

Curiosity Rover Working Toward Mayorship – Gotta hand it to NASA—their social media strategy is brilliantly engaging.  Not only did their Mars Curiosity Rover Twitter page inspire hilarious parody accounts, but now Curiosity is one step closer to becoming the Mayor of Mars with its latest Foursquare check in.

ThingLink Brings Images to LifeThingLink makes images more interactive than ever before.  Add a caption, video, poll, music … practically anything you can imagine can be linked to your images using this technology.

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