First Impressions

Mercados Connieby Connie Mercado

You’ve heard the saying a million times … “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  It’s cliché and overused, but for good reason: it’s true.

A few days ago I walked into a fast food restaurant to place an order and was greeted by a girl – not just any girl – a girl with piercings in her cheeks (!).  While I realize she shouldn’t have been decked out in corporate attire, it hardly seems like a lot to ask for food service workers not to be covered with piercings.  Like it or not, it doesn’t leave a positive first impression.

Over the years, businesses have relaxed their dress codes … in fact, we used to require women to wear stockings and closed-toe shoes, but look around, those days are all gone.

I’m the first face you see when you come into our office.  I take pride in the way I look.  Not just for my own delight, but because I represent Curley & Pynn.

What impression are you making for your customers?

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