Facebook Promoted Posts: You’re Doing it Wrong

by Julie Primrose

I “like” Brides magazine on Facebook and as a soon-to-be bride myself I find a lot of their posts to be helpful and relevant.  However, starting late last year and as recently as last weekend, I noticed one of the same posts from the page repeatedly popping up in my News Feed.


I’m not the only person who has noted the frequency of this post.  The comments on the photo—a small but representative sample of which are reflected above—demonstrate that Brides’ Facebook fans are engaged with the page and they’re paying attention to its posts.

However, some of the page’s fans are dropping from the page as noted in the comments.  As one comment, “Don’t ask for business from me!” suggests, this could adversely affect not only engagement on the Facebook page, but it could also have financial implications for the magazine.

Brides is paying to use Promoted Posts to extend the reach of its Facebook messages.  This is normally a smart option to consider, as many brands quickly realized that their posts weren’t reaching the majority of their audience when Facebook recently changed its News Feed display algorithms.

Whether a company chooses to pay for Sponsored and Promoted Posts on Facebook or simply post the “old-fashioned” way, it should be done as part of a well-defined strategy and the team managing the account should have a clear understanding of how the features work.  Even more importantly, the person or people managing the page should be actively monitoring comments, responding when appropriate and adjusting their future plans accordingly.

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