Face to Face Networking Goes High Tech

by Elizabeth Buccianti

Today I came across what very well may be the next evolution of face to face networking.  According to PokenPlace.com, a Poken is a key-ring sized USB device that lets you exchange contact details instantly – with the touch of a Poken hand.

You see, the USB device is disguised behind a cute little critter with an outstretched hand.  Right now, Pokens are available in alien, bumble bee, panda and for the more adventurous – the Vodoo Poken.


Here’s how it works: first load your contact information onto your Poken.  You can set up your information to appear like a standard business card, add all of your social media names, or opt for both.  When you meet someone else with a Poken simply connect your Poken’s hands together and viola! contact information exchanged.  Contacts can later be retrieved by visiting a website and a Poken can hold up to 64 contacts at a time.  I’m sure that will change as the product gains in popularity.

Ever meet someone you really didn’t want to share your business card with but felt obligated?  Not to worry, press the button on your Poken twice and it only appears that your Poken exchanged information.  You still get that person’s contact information and can opt for them to receive your information at a later time.

I really hope this catches on.  What an imaginative way to streamline the sometimes lengthy process of collecting business cards and later manually entering data into your computer’s address book – and that’s only if you don’t lose the business card first.  Plus it’s a great way to save paper and cut out one more, albeit small, line item of your operating budget.

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