Every Day is Halloween

Dan Wardby Dan Ward

As I walked into my office this morning in my ’70s suit and ‘fro, I thought, “I wish every day were Halloween.”  But then, isn’t every day Halloween for a PR pro?

  • We constantly play the written equivalent of “dress up,” adapting our messaging and writing styles to fit the unique needs of our clients;
  • We put on outfits we never wear at home and knock on countless doors, asking for treats in the form of positive mentions;
  • When a crisis hits, we’re first through the doors of the haunted house/CEO office, when everyone else is saying “Don’t go in there;”
  • We rely on frequent hits of sugar just to keep us going through the next project; and,
  • We’ve grown adept at turning proverbial pumpkins into glowing, creative masterpieces.

I’m sure there are more examples to add to this list.  What say you, my fellow trick-or-treaters?

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