Do We Fit?

by Kim Taylor

When I read this post over at “Brass Tack Thinking” yesterday, I felt a little pain in my side.  A few months ago we met several talented PR professionals in our quest to fill a vacancy.

Each of them brought a variety of skills to the table; and most even seemed to meet many or all of our requirements.  Yet, time and time again we struggled with the vague “what’s missing?” piece.  What did we omit from our requirements?  What were we forgetting to ask during the interviews?

The truth is, we may not have known what we were looking for, but we’d know it when we found it … that elusive ‘fit’ that Tamsen talks about in her post.

I tend to think that same ‘fit’ rule applies to the client-agency relationship.  There have been times when we knew our proposal was spot-on and that the presentation couldn’t have gone better, but ultimately business didn’t move forward.  We’d retrace our steps, wonder where things went wrong and make notes on how we could improve the next go-round.

But, what if – just like with those talented PR professionals – it wasn’t just about skills and ability and it all came down to fit?

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