Digital Generation Gap

Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

OK.  So I’m in my 60s and I’m a dinosaur, but I like to think I’m fairly savvy when it comes to using digital technology to communicate.

Yes, I text.  No, it is not my preferred form of sharing.

Yes, I have an active Facebook account.  I enjoy it.  It helps me observe what friends are doing.

Yes, I use Twitter.  It intrigues me how much you can learn from such short bursts of thought … but it will never replace my appreciation for well-written memos.

I steadily follow hundreds of people and subscribe to RSS feeds of thought leaders I’ve grown to respect with no exposure to them other than their digital footprint.

And, yes, I answer my phone.  I find it easy to have a single conversation rather than responding via the keypad on my iPhone to numerous questions posed in stand-alone context.

If Mark Zuckerberg has his way, however, I and a lot of other folks may be in for a lonely life.  Facebook is rolling out a new messaging system that may just force us to gobble up our information bit-by-text-messaged-bit.  Zuckerberg told that he asked high schoolers what email services they used … but what about my generation?

I realize the future will be different but the here-and-now is important, too.

While I enjoy the continuous feed of Facebook that lets me scroll back and find out what my peeps have been doing, I fear the intent of  Facebook’s business plan is to drive us all to share everything via one viral platform instead of through good old-fashioned one-on-one communication.  Then there’s Apple’s Mobile Me, which clearly hopes I’ll link every digital device and file I have via one single post office in the sky.  Kind of scary, but then again you can reach me at, so perhaps I’ve already succumbed.

Anyone seen my buddy Tyrannosaurus Rex?  Please pass the Grecian Formula.

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