Did Amazon Learn from Our Five Steps?

by Kim Taylor

Curley & Pynn has long been known for its Five Steps to Professional Success.  They define how we approach client service and are the basis for our company culture.

So, when I read about Amazon’s latest patent filing for a process called “Anticipatory Package Shipping,” I saw an immediate connection to how we think.

Essentially, Amazon will use its software to track customers’ online activity including previous order history on their site, wish lists, what they search for, and even how long their mouse might hover over an item.  In anticipation of the customer actually buying the merchandise, Amazon will ship the item to the nearest distribution center and in some cases maybe right to the customers’ door.

Our fourth step:  Anticipate, Don’t Wait to Be Asked, is our Amazon-like approach to looking over the horizon at client needs and anticipating emerging opportunities before being asked to do so.

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