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Taking Aim at Abstention

by Dan Ward Bob Schieffer broadcast an excellent editorial comment this weekend on Face the Nation, reprising a message he had shared in previous c... Read More »

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Shredding the Concept of the Morning “Paper”

by Dan Ward The writing has been on the proverbial wall for some time, and now the wall is starting to crack.  The Christian Science Monitor has a... Read More »

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PR Enters the Presidential Race

by Dan Ward A story now appearing in more than 2,200 outlets (according to Google) details how Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s image has been “burnis... Read More »

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Would You Like News with Your Analysis, Sir?

by Dan Ward Perusing the websites this morning for coverage of the Vice Presidential debate, I was struck by how each of the major 24-hour news net... Read More »

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Unexpected PR Tools

by Dan Ward OK … we all know that public relations is more than just party planning and events. But for two of us on Friday, PR involved eludi... Read More »

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