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Its that Prufreeding Thyme Agin

by Dan Ward Now that copy editors have gone the way of the Dodo bird, I find myself reminiscing about college proofreading exercises every time I r... Read More »

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Deadly Spin? How About Deadly Generalization?

by Dan Ward Consider this installment No. 112,637 in the ongoing series, “We’re Not All PR Flacks.” Kate Pickert’s Time Magazine review ... Read More »

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Why Today’s News Matters

by Dan Ward While attending a dinner with several area communications professionals, I struck up a conversation with a senior executive for a newsp... Read More »

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What Makes a Catastrophe a “PR Catastrophe?”

by Dan Ward Alyson Shontell’s Oct. 13 piece in the Business Insider reads like the view of a true business outsider. Shontell explores 12 so-c... Read More »

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A Bright Spot for Traditional Media

by Dan Ward Lost among the alarm bells heralding the death of news media is this interesting finding from the Pew Center for People and the Press, ... Read More »

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