by Dan Ward

Executives at Ernst & Young got more than they bargained for when they announced their new “EY” name as part of a major re-branding.  Turns out the EY name is shared by a magazine featuring images of barely dressed (and sometimes undressed) young men, something that is readily apparent when one does a Google Images search.

We’ve had the opportunity to manage exciting re-branding assignments (our team recently managed the re-naming of Brevard Community College to Eastern Florida State College, for example), and one of the most important steps is researching conflicts.

It’s not enough to simply ask whether a URL is available or whether a trademark is established. Organizations need to research whether their new name, look, logo or tagline will lead to issues that damage the corporate reputation.

Someone missed this step, and instead of giving the organization a platform to its future and vision, threw the new organization into immediate crisis mode.

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