Breaking News: Man Mentions Casey Anthony in Blog

by Dan Ward

Way back in July 2011, I wrote in “Dream Verdict” that Casey Anthony’s every move following her acquittal would be cause for “Breaking News” coverage.

I said “Told Ya So” the following January after a front page story appeared about Casey’s online diary and new hairdo.

Well, I told ya so again, only now we’ve taken Casey Anthony coverage to a whole new level.  Today we have a “Breaking News” story involving Casey.  Except, Casey isn’t involved.

It seems one of the attorneys who represented her two years ago is defending a Mississippi man accused of manslaughter.  Apparently, breaking news is now defined as anything done by anyone who once interacted with Casey Anthony.

As a PR professional, I intend to use this to maximum advantage. Every pitch letter from now on will start with “An Orlando man who wrote several blog posts about Casey Anthony has an amazing story to tell about one of his clients.”  I can’t wait to read the headline.

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