Curriculum Omission is Not a One-Way Street

by Kim Taylor

When I read Anthony D’Angelo’s Op-ed for the Financial Times, it felt very “pot calling the kettle black.”

The op-ed slams MBA programs for failing to include strategic communications in its coursework, stating that “even the most communications-savvy CEOs are less astute about strategic communications …”  Given the number of corporate scandals gone awry lately, there are few who’d argue that employees at every level could stand to brush up on their communications skills.

But, what appears to be missing from D’Angelo’s invective is how few communications/public relations professionals have had coursework in business—which I’d argue is as essential to a communicator’s career as communications is to a CEO’s.

So while we’re rewriting the course catalogs, how about some coursework which would teach a communications professional, who’s often bargaining for a seat at the table, how to read and interpret their client’s financial statement?

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