Can We Call This a Refresh?

by Kim Taylor

Today is Yahoo’s lucky day.  It gets to unveil its “new” logoMarissa Mayer’s words, not mine—to an internet of critics … design experts, even.

I’m not a designer or expert, but I do manage designers as part of my role here.  I’ve been through many logo projects over the years, and I think Mayer could’ve saved herself a load of backlash if she’d just called a spade a spade.   Sure, if we get hung up on semantics, a redesign is to change the design of something, and, sure, they did change the design.  But, let’s be honest, on a good day, the “new” design is just a refresh.

I don’t care how poetic she waxes on her Tumblr about the 9-degree shift in the exclamation point for “whimsy,” it truly feels like she’s begging to be mocked.

So, let’s recap …








See the difference?

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