Be Known for a Cause

by Vianka McConville

I’m not a huge Coca-Cola drinker, but sometimes I crave the sweet carbonation.  On a recent flight, I was handed my beverage of choice accompanied by a napkin advertising Coca-Cola’s cause.  My first thought was “Genius!”


I had forgotten that Coca-Cola and polar bears are supposed to be synonymous in advertising.  I was gently reminded with this napkin. When choosing a corporate cause, the charity should align with the company’s goals.  Coca-Cola does this by promoting to protect the polar bear … right in line with their image.

Sometimes connections can be tricky between a company and a charity.  I’m definitely not saying a company should choose a charity simply to promote their business.  Employees and management should have a passion for their service.  People notice when partnerships work out well … or just the girl sitting on a plane.

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