A Policy of Fairness

by Kim Taylor

One of the greatest perks of small business is the ability to be flexible on the fly.  Sure, we have rules and structure in place and general guidelines for how we do business, but making exceptions to those rules doesn’t require us to cut through layers of red tape for approval.

This flexibility benefits both our employees, who are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of client service, and our clients, who are on the receiving end of our solution-oriented philosophy.

But, this approach isn’t exclusive to small business.  Nordstrom proves that even big retail companies can come from a place of ‘yes’ with their “return policy” … admitting it’s not much of a policy at all:

What is your return policy?
We don’t actually have a return policy at Nordstrom stores or for purchases made at nordstrom.com.  We handle returns on a case by case basis with the ultimate objective of satisfying the customer.  We stand behind our goods and services and want customers to be satisfied with them.  We’ll always do our best to take care of customers – our philosophy is to deal with them fairly and reasonably; we hope they will be fair and reasonable with us as well.

Is there any better policy than “the ultimate objective of satisfying the customer”?

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